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Our services:
Supply Chain Management
Freight Forwarding
Door to door multimodal transport
Public bonded warehouse 
Custom Clearance
Trucking and haulage

Let TEAM CARGO’S expertise as an export consultant work for you in the following areas:

Cargo Management includes how you package, warehouse and ship your export products, as well as generate documentation and paperwork to track it. Team cargo’s logistics partners help you navigate the many available shipping options to maximize timely deliveries and minimize theft, loss and breakage when you export to Europe.

Minimizing Tariff Barriers is often the difference between profit and loss in exporting. TEAM CARGO finds the best points of entry and the most effective ways to ship and document a product to maximize your profits. Apart from all those we are proud to say that our dealings with the leading, global, multinationals and other concerns all in the static periodical contracts. From that we have the strong bargain capability tends to render you the same economical and cost effective service

VAT and Duties: With our fiscal representatives, we provide comprehensive advice on calculation of taxes and duties and guide you through the maze of customs regulations and procedures. You will benefit from every cost reduction possibility that can be applied to your business .

International Documentation can be an expensive nuisance for clients not familiar with exporting. Our partners will process all the necessary marketing, legal and operational documents needed for your venture. Our clients routinely realize a considerable savings in legal fees by using TEAM CARGO’s network of specialists.

Simplification - TEAM CARGO will create and simplify all the up-to-date shipping and logistics documentation required when you export to Europe, Singapore, Malaysia,Japan, Gulf and Import from China, Hongkong . We systematically eliminate potential problem sources, then create simplified shipping checklists and procedures for your internal use.

Crisis and Risk Management - TEAM CARGO is always on call to help you deal with theft, disturbances, delays and other logistics and operational problems should they occur.

Overseas warehousing and trucking in interiors. When dealing with retailers in Europe you might need warehousing and a fleet of small trucks for deliveries .TEAM CARGO will select for you fully equipped warehouse facilities that will manage your products and take charge of deliveries

To be a price warrior in the cargo market?

• we will follow a low-cost model —

For that you have to build a model to meet the purchasing power of your customers. In India warehousing, logistics and transportation comprise around 28 per cent of the total cost of manufacturing, while this is not more than 10-12 per cent globally. By using this service, manufacturers will be able to reduce costs by over certain percentage points since they will need lower inventory/warehouse costs. . we will still be able to offer prices which are 5-10 per cent lower than existing cargo operators. That is why concentrate on route based marketing rather than diversified efforts
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